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May 21
Linda Wojcik

Apr. 16
Bunzee Fox Degradis

Mar. 19
Lynne Hartwell

Feb. 19
Adam Latin

Jan. 15
Pat Peabody


Nov. 20
Donna Gordon

Oct. 16
Cindy Rothwell

Sep. 18
Katherine Mashiak

May 15
Mary Thompson

Apr. 17
Erin Owens

Mar. 20
Rena Tobey

Feb. 20
Jen Fields

Jan. 16
Pearle Lake


Nov. 21
Randy Ouellette

Oct. 17
Susan Cooper

Sep. 19
Lisa Morrison

July 18
Shari Shea

June 20
Rebecca LoCicero

May 16
John Vesper

Apr. 18
Lynne Hartwell

Mar. 21
Marion Porter

Feb. 15
Bradford Tilden

Jan. 18
Pat Peabody


Nov. 16
Judith Dreyer

Oct. 19
Dan Lupacchino

Sep. 21
Rev. Heather DeLusso

May 18
Leigh Russell

Apr. 20
Jan Bartrop-Babbitt

Mar. 16
Marion Porter

Feb. 16
Driana Buonanducci

Jan. 19
Joyce St. Germaine


Nov. 17
Karin Nemri

Oct. 20
Jan Bartrop-Babbitt

Sep. 15
Serenity Grove

May 19
Mike Panicello

Apr. 21
Marion Porter

Mar. 17
Patrice Gildner

Feb. 17
Lauralee Green

Jan. 20
Marion Porter


Nov. 18
Lauralee Green

Oct. 21
Patrice Gildner

Sept. 16
Eaglemoon Raes

July 15
Pearle S. Lake

Jun. 17
June Hyjek

May 20
Pearle S. Lake

Feb. 18
Marian Porter


Nov. 19
Rosemary Ellen Guiley

Oct. 15
Karin Nemri

Sep. 17
Jennifer Page

May 21
Barbara Hardie

Apr. 16
Mary Lazzaro-Bach

Feb. 17
Joyce St. Germaine

Jan. 20
Jennifer Page


Nov. 18
Madeline Bombetto

Sep. 16
Mary Thompson

Apr. 15
Richard Gould

Feb. 18
Patricia Hinchey

Jan. 21
Jim Cole


Nov. 19
Owen James

Oct. 15
Jon Roe

May 21
Tina Angeli

Apr. 19
Jocelyne Colombe

Mar. 19
Mylčne Poitras

Feb. 19
Lois Grasso

Jan. 15
Charlie Edgarton


Nov. 20
Madeline Bombetto

Sep. 18
Madeline Bombetto

May 15
Cathy Fischer

Apr. 17
Deborah Ravenwood

Jan. 16
Cathy Ewing-Rinker

May 21, 2018

Linda Wojcik - The Chakra Personalities Workshop

The chakras are a spiritual guidance system with a language all their own. Linda learned the language of the chakras while clearly defining the personality inherent in each one. These personalities function as our spiritual barometers and are directly aligned to our life challenges, helping to steer us toward inner peace.

The Chakra Personalities Workshop is designed to open our hearts to the possibility that we, as human beings, have the innate ability to heal our 'self' through vibrational energies patiently waiting to be recognized, accepted and honored. It is in this moment of recognition that we begin the co-creative process to health and well being.

Linda will teach you the language of the chakras and the many ways we can begin to heal our self using vibrational medicines such as flower essences and homeopathic remedies that are connected to the individual chakras. She will also show you the foods that can help our bodies heal and those that keep us in our unhealthy patterns of behaviors.

The Chakra Personalities Workshop has the potential to change the way you think about healing and puts the responsibility of healing where it belongs.. with you.

Linda Wojcik is a Nutritional Kinesiologist, Spiritual Intuitive and Flower Practitioner. She sees clients in Danielson & North Stonington CT, by Skype, FaceTime or Phone (860) 779-7555. Visit her on the web at: She is author of two books: "Joshua's Lessons - Raising a Healthy Child in a Toxic World" and "A Taste of Sunflowers - The Natural Way to Healing Cookbook."

April 16, 2018

Bunzee Fox Degradis - Near Death Experiences

Many have had near death experiences, but three times?

Bunzee will talk about what happened to her as a young child and thereafter. She will discuss how she experienced 'the other side' and how these NDEs have influenced her life, and as a reader.

She will answer questions, and as time allows will do mini readings on those in attendance.

Bunzee has over 50 years doing readings. She channels love, healing and Reiki. She is also clairvoyant and a dowser. You can contact her at P.O. Box 451, New Britain, CT 06050.

March 19, 2018

Lynne Hartwell - Releasing Negativity

Learn how releasing negativity can change your life - for the better!

Have you spent a lot of time, effort and energy on improving your life (or yourself), and still experience the same issues that you want to move forward from?

Do you find that negative situations keep happening to you?

Want to break free of negative situations, people, or circumstances?

Come join in on the next Guild meeting where Lynne discusses how to identify negativity (yes, it can be very subtle), how to avoid negative situations, and how to release it from yourself (for good!). We will participate in a guided meditation where you will learn techniques that you can do at home that help you to release negativity and bring in greater Positivity into your life.

Lynne Hartwell's presentations, classes and workshops are taught in an uplifting, positive, and non-judgmental manner and often with a sense of humor that creates a positive atmosphere to learn and participate within. She is highly skilled in several Holistic Healing modalities and she is also a highly gifted and compassionate psychic who has been reading for over 20 years. She has appeared in numerous public appearances, Expos, Public Speaking Presentations, TV & Radio appearances. Lynne runs private and group practices in MA & CT. For more details check out her website: or contact her at (617) 872-6399.

February 19, 2018

Adam Latin - Communication & Being Cherished

Just a few decades ago we had a much more limited amount of information. We had communities which largely all held similar belief systems. We now have more freedom to love and communicate in our own unique way. This has created an unintended distance because we no longer experience love in the same way.

Adam believes learning to more effectively communicate what makes us feel cherished bridges that distance. He offers practical ideas and concepts on how to identify and communicate the unique way each individual feels cherished.

Adam Latin's business name is The Clearest "U". He has been studying holistic healing and diverse philosophies since 1999. His focus is on helping people engage more joyfully with their present unique incarnation. For more information visit his website at

January 15, 2018

Pat Peabody - Love In The Zodiac

Love makes the world go round, so the song says. Understanding our relationships is an important part of what makes it all work. Our relationships form the cornerstone of our society and are an expression of who we are as mother, father, sister, brother, lover and friend. As we approach Valentine's Day, Love is in the air and on our mind. How do we love? We will look at celebrity pairs to determine their astrological attractiveness. We will also look at the dark side and the charts of a few individuals in the news currently charged with sexual abuse. As time allows, we will look at the charts of those in attendance. If you want a copy of your birth chart, please call or email Pat at least 24 hours prior to the meeting.

Pat Peabody has had a lifelong interest in astrology and feels it is an amazing tool for self-understanding and self-empowerment. She is a past president of the Astrological Society of Connecticut and a regular contributor at the Center for Progressive Therapies in Manchester. Pat can be reached at (860) 989-1238 or Her website is

November 20, 2017

Donna MacLean Gordon - Dancing with the Universe – A Spiritual Warrior Finds Her Zen in the East!

Come join Donna MacLean Gordon, ACC, RMT, as she talks about her spiritual journey from childhood, to the clergy, and ultimately to the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine Healing modalities. Donna will speak about her spiritual, energetic awakening and how she now helps others find balance of mind, body, and soul through the practice of Chinese Medicine and Reiki.

She will demonstrate various Chinese healing practices such as Tui Na Chinese Acupressure Massage, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, and Tong Ren Healing. Donna will also discuss how Chinese Medicine views illness vs. Western medicine, and how the Taoist philosophy of the balance of Yin and Yang in the universe can be harnessed for greater health in your life.

Cantor Donna MacLean Gordon received her Cantorial Certification from the American Conference of Cantors and the Hebrew Union College in NYC and served as the Cantor of Temple Sinai in Newington for 17 years. Before her retirement in December of 2015, Donna began to study Qi Gong and Tai Chi with Dr. Ming Jie Wu of the Wu Healing Center in West Hartford. She then went on to intern with Dr. Wu for two years becoming certified in Traditional Chinese Modalities such as Tui Na Acupressure Massage, Qi Gong and Tai Chi Instruction, Cupping, and Tong Ren Healing. Donna received her Reiki I, II, and Reiki Master Teacher Certification from Cheryl-Ann M. Case of Southington Reiki and Sharing the Light Holistic Wellness Center in Avon. Donna is the proud owner of Heartsource Integrative Wellness in West Hartford Center and regularly does workshops on Chinese Healing, Teas, and Culture at various wellness centers in the region. You can contact Donna at

October 16, 2017

Cindy Rothwell - Communicating With Spirit

Spirit is within us and all around us. Every living thing has a spirit or energetic field. Join Cindy Rothwell as she shares techniques to help you connect to your Spirit and those of others. Learn to communicate with Spirit and to feel your healing energy. We will communicate with Spirit and we will experience our energy as creative healing bright lights.

Cindy Rothwell is a teacher, counselor, and writer who has been involved in the healing arts for over thirty years. She is an ordained minister of a mystery school and has taught Quantum-Touch, Theta Healing, preschool, and elementary school. Connecting to Spirit is her passion. She currently teaches a mediumship class at the Center For Progressive Therapy. She loves teaching and also offers intuitive counseling. Cindy can be reached at (860) 471-9574 or

September 18, 2017

Katherine Mashiak – Herbs For Winter Health

This lecture will focus on using herbal and dietary supplements to maintain health and minimize symptoms during cold and flu season.

Katherine Mashiak is the owner of Kassandra - Herbs Unlimited in Somers, Connecticut. The Herb and Gift Shop celebrated it's twenty second anniversary this year.

Katherine has been studying the growing, harvesting, preserving and use of herbs for more than thirty-five years.

She can be reached at (860) 749-0839.

May 15, 2017

Mary Thompson – Top 12 Healing Stones & Crystals

Healing Crystals and Gemstones are one of the most beautiful, mystical and profound "energy medicine" tools, which have been used for centuries throughout all cultures, religions and empires.

Mary Thompson from ThistleGlass Crafts in Ellington, along with her sister Marjorie (they and their sister are triplets), is a favorite at area fairs and expos with a large assortment and extensive knowledge of gemstones and crystals. Mary is also a Certified Energy healer. Tonight she'll share with us information on the healing properties of stones and crystals, how to cleanse your stones and how to use them.

Bring your questions and your favorite stones with you. It has been some time since there has been a program in the area on this subject. Mary can be reached at (860) 875-3895.

April 17, 2017

Erin Owens - The John F. Barnes Approach
to Myofascial Release (JFBMFR) And Tissue Memory

Every single cell in our body is a universe unto itself. Each cell is capable of storing and sharing information with all of the other billions of cells which make us who we are. When we experience trauma, whether it be physical or emotional, an energy cyst enters our body. Our fascial system is like a multidimensional web that traps this energy in our tissues. This stuck energy creates restrictions that cause inflammation and dysfunction. When we look at the body like a smooth flowing river that is always cleaning away toxins; then we can see the trauma as a dam that stops or diverts this flowing river. When the appropriate JFBMFR techniques are applied to the body (bodies) the tissues soften and release the trauma. This allows the flow of bioenergy to resume, initiating the healing process.

Erin Owens is a licensed massage therapist from the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy. She trained in the John Barnes method in 2010 and has trained with John Barnes directly since then. Erin suffered through her own pain from an auto accident and it was John's therapy which returned her to a pain free and active life and ultimately the journey as a master JFBMFR therapist. Erin can be reached by phone at (860) 790-0521.

March 20, 2017

Rena Tobey - Artful Insights

Art historian Rena Tobey has created Artful Insights, an oracle deck using masterpieces of art. In this interactive talk, she will introduce you to the reading technique by working with several paintings to show how they provide insights about life path, career, relationships, and well-being. Rena will also demonstrate with a group reading. Come prepared to look and share. No knowledge of art or art history is needed.

Rena has been studying and reading tarot and other oracle cards, as well as practicing energy work, for over 20 years. As an art historian, she recognizes how much art serves as a source of inspiration, meditation, insights, and healing. Since 2008, she has worked with art museum visitors, students, and participants in her programs to benefit from these built-in qualities. Rena has now created her own deck, Artful Insights, made up of 135 masterworks of art.

Learn more at Rena can be reached at or (917) 692-2829.

February 20, 2017

Jen Fields - Where Are You Hiding Your Super Powers?

Using your Myers-Briggs Personality Type to claim your reason for getting up in the morning.

We are all on this earth walk for many reasons: some are specific to providing for or contributing to others, some are for the simple reason of "just being here." The Japanese have a term called "Ikigai" (sounds like "eeky guy") that translates to "a reason to get up in the morning." Our personalities, the lenses through which we see and then operate in the world, give us a map for realizing our Ikigai.

Using a Myers-Briggs personality type format, (introverts and extroverts) we'll understand our type preferences and how they can become our Super Powers. We'll discuss how to work with our non-preferred functions…and oddly enough, why we tend to have family or partners who hold those opposite preferences. If there is time, we'll review some "balancing techniques" for improving our agility in our non-preferred functions.

Jen Fields is a career and life counselor whose Ikaigi is to be present with those who have lost the awareness of their super power, and use her wealth of behavioral health and spiritual knowledge to guide them back to their true selves, their divine essence. She incorporates stories of energy work, co-creating reality, and healing to help people young and old see themselves in the truth of their gifts. She is the owner of Spark Coaching and Consulting, and can be reached at, or (860) 212-1590 for individual or group services.

January 16, 2017

Pearle Lake - Simple Ways to Connect With and Trust Your Intuition

Each of us has the intuitive "gene", meaning that intuition is accessible to all. Why is it that some people appear to be more intuitive than others? Why do some feel that it's a struggle to tap into intuition and feel confident about the outcome?

Join us for a fun informative evening as we look at the intuitive process, learn what helps us easily connect to intuition, along with simple exercises designed to trust it. We'll also look at and dispel common myths.

Time permitting Pearle will end the class with mini intuitive readings.

Pearle Lake is an Intuitive Consultant whose main focus is empowerment of the individual. A compelling interest in change led her to investigate metaphysics, affirmations and change strategies with NLP. She is the author of three self-help books available on "Improve Your Life with Intuition, Feng Shui Wisdom, and Affirmations;" "An Uncomplicated Look At Intuition, Energy, The Other Side and More;" and "You Can Leave The State Of Anxiety and Other Lousy States For Good." See for more info. Pearle can be reached at (860)487-1754.

November 21, 2016

Randy Ouellette - Old Fashioned Fortune Telling
Remembering How It Was Done

This talk is about fortune telling long before the internet, new age shops and new age magazines. No business cards existed back then to pass out--it was all word of mouth. Tarot Reader Randy Ouellette will discuss what readings were like when his grandmother read back in the 70's. Also, he'll use some of the same tools that his grandmother passed down to him. Some audience members will have the opportunity to receive a mini-reading. Just seeing how these 'old fashioned' tools worked are useful even now!

Randy Ouellette is a third generation reader. He was given his first deck by this grandmother when he was just 14. Randy reads at psychic fairs around Connecticut and has also read in Massachusetts. You can check out his website: for more information or you can reach him at (203) 679-2485 or

October 17, 2016

Susan Cooper - Psychic Energy and Palmistry - Your Life is In Your Hands

Hear about the development of psychic energy, which Susan will demonstrate by answering questions with five playing cards and will share anecdotes from her readings. Learn how you can access energy and tap into the spirit world. Susan will also show us how to read palms and provide pointers to those in attendance. If time permits she will do some Tai Chi to demonstrate the energy in one's hands as well as talk about developing your psychic energy.

Susan Cooper learned the basics of Palmistry from her mother, the late Tracie Chappell. Her mother had many talents - besides being psychic, reading palms and cards for friends she was also an astrologer. After learning the basics and reading extensively on these subjects, Susan started reading palms and was a hit at parties. At the age of 15, she had a near-death experience which influenced her readings, which became more intense. Susan became an astrologer too and discovered more about ESP. She studied yoga, meditation, and Kung Fu which led to a better understanding of psychic energy. In the 90's she became part of the 'Psychic Friends Network'(created by Dionne Warwick).

September 19, 2016

Lisa Morrison - The Horse, the Wheel and Celtic Goddess Epona
Why are they relevant today?

For more than 7,000 years, horses have lived among humans. Revered as creatures of earth and wind, they were viewed as free and generous spirits who willingly formed an alliance with human beings. Linked to the sun and the wheel, they magically transported the Proto Indo-European peoples in wagons across the Asian Steppes into the lands of the Mediterranean Basin. Eventually, they went even further west across the sea to North America. Around the globe, horses became the magical creatures to carry shaman on their journeys through the center of the world down through the roots of the earth or up and out the branches of the great tree into space. A story survives to this day of a first horse and a young woman who merged into one being. The Celtic people remember her as Epona. She is at once wild ancestress, horse whisperer and enduringly faithful Horse Goddess who helps guard the wheel of time.

Lisa Morrison offers Past Life, Tarot, Runes, Goddess and Oracle Card Readings. She believes that readings should be a balance of humor, healing and inspiration. Lisa is an intuitive reader, a Reiki practitioner and interactive teacher in CT. Her interdisciplinary teaching is inspired by years of leading tours in Italy and journeying around the Mediterranean Sea. She teaches on-going classes at shops in CT on the Tarot and their Astrology, Numerology and Alchemical meanings. Lisa also offers Runes workshops involving natural, fairy and tree associations, as well as classes on ancient Mediterranean Goddesses, Sacred Sites, Psychometry, Intuitive Development, Female Shamanism, Medieval History, Renaissance Art, the Grail and Past Life Facilitation. Lisa can be reached at (203) 248-8767 or

July 18, 2016

Shari Shea - Book Talk, Meditation & Hands On Healing

Shari's book, "LIVING IN GRACE: An Evolving Spiritual Journey," takes readers through an amazing journey that reveals the spiritual growth, transformation, and power that lie within every one of us. Please join Shari as she shares experiences that have guided her to a life based in faith and order in all things.

As part of the program Shari will lead a meditation and offer "hands on healing."

Shari is a Life Style Coach and Energy Healer. She has traveled to many sacred places to deepen her spiritual practices. Through her healing work, Shari emanates light, love and joy with her free spirit and zest for life. locally she regularly offers services at Unity of Greater Hartford in South Windsor and Unicorn Meadow Farm in Suffield. Learn more about Shari at

June 20, 2016

Rebecca Anne LoCicero - Messages From Heaven

Rebecca Anne LoCicero has been working for 21+ years as psychic medium. She is proud to work as a tested and certified medium through the Forever Family Foundation. Her presentation “Messages from Heaven” involves direct, divine and accurate 'readings' from our loved ones who have died.

Rebecca Anne often refers to herself as a 'one of a kind' as you never know what outrageous words or references she will bluntly convey to her audience as validation from Spirit. Clients easily relate to the way she shares the information with honesty to what she is receiving, in real world expressions.

Rebecca presents at a variety of locations including national comedy clubs, such as “The Funny Bone” in Manchester, holistic centers, and expositions as a headliner presenter. She can be heard in Connecticut on mainstream radio monthly as the guest psychic. She appeared on “Better Connecticut” and local access channel shows and is live on-air monthly on Northampton, MA's WRSI. In addition she has authored or contributed to three books.

Rebecca is the owner of The Beyond Center in Vernon. “There is nothing better than sharing the connections to the beyond with their loved ones here. I feel together, we Rock the Spirit World” RAL.,

May 16, 2016

John Vester - 10 Ways Self Hypnosis Will Enhance Your Life

Hypnosis is a deeply focused and relaxed state of mind and body which can alter your neurological and physical perceptions for the better. Self-hypnosis induces a state of extreme relaxation and increased suggestibility to treat a host of mental and physical conditions.

It’s a medically recognized technique that uses innate mental powers to promote mental and physical improvements. John will teach attendees how to use self-hypnosis to relax, meditate, change behavior, gain clarity, and much more.

John Vester is a hypnotist who specializes in getting rid of hard to break habits and weight loss. He practices out of C4PT. You can reach John at (800) 891-9407 or

April 18, 2016

Lynne Hartwell - It's Crystal Clear

Bring Balance, Harmony and Healing for body, mind and soul through the use of Crystals and Gemstones.

Crystals and Gemstones have become increasingly popular in our culture for their beauty and general healing properties. These healing tools have been in use since ancient times, however information about understanding their true healing ability was lost and is still misunderstood despite the wealth of data available about them currently.

Working with Crystals & Gemstones can be a highly Personal connection, one which can help you access a deeper level of Healing through releasing the blocks that hold you back physically, emotionally or spiritually.

During this discussion Lynne will be sharing knowledge and information that she has used for decades both personally and professionally.

• Connect at a deeper level within yourself, and unlock a deeper ability to Heal - emotionally, physically and spiritually.
• Establish a deeper connection at the heart-body-soul level through the activation of crystal and gemstone energy.
• Discover how to choose the right stones to work with for any purpose.
• Participate in a short guided meditation to access a deeper connection with yourself.

Lynne Hartwell is a Transformational Energy Healer and Spiritual Intuitive who has worked with the stone kingdom her entire life and utilizes their healing energy in her practice. She shares her knowledge with the public to help them manifest into their lives what they truly intend using natural healing methods. Her compassion, experience, and insight have helped others to heal and shift their life and path, to experience greater joy, understanding, and fulfillment. Lynne can be reached at (617) 872-6399, or learn more at

March 21, 2016

Marion Porter - Tuning Fork Therapy

Each of us is a living symphony of frequencies! Science has proven that everything in the universe is made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies, or notes. Each of the organs, glands, and cells in our bodies vibrate at their own specific frequency. Sound frequencies affect everything about us. The correct vibrational frequencies can be used to heal and balance our bodies.

When your body is in perfect health and all the parts are vibrating to the correct notes, your body is like an orchestra playing beautiful music. Think of the different body parts as musical instruments all playing the right note at the correct tempo, and vibrating in harmony.

Energy flows through a healthy body through a network of meridians and chakras. Stress, negative emotions and thoughts, even the foods we eat affect the flow of energy, and can cause energy blocks. When the energy gets blocked, the body part where the blockage is can no longer play the right note at the right tempo. We can't hear our body playing wrong notes, but we will feel symptoms to let us know!

The powerful sound vibrations of tuning forks can be used to clear the energy blockages. When the correct tuning fork is placed on the organ or chakra that is out of harmony, that area will raise its vibration or pitch to that of the fork by the process of entrainment.

A tuning fork treatment is non-intrusive, there is no pain or manipulation involved. The practitioner places the tip of a tuning fork on your body, and the sound will flow through your body. This will tune up the organ system, nervous system, muscles, and bones. Every cell will pulsate, resonate, and interact with the powerful vibration. This will awaken the life energy of the cells and return you to health and harmony!

Marion is the owner of Starwinds. Her services include Tuning Fork Therapy, Reiki, Sound Healing, Access Consciousness Bars®, and Access Consciousness® Body Processes. Marion also has a show on Simsbury Community TV called 'Time for Healing.' For more information, and to watch her show, visit her website at

February 15, 2016

Bradford Tilden - Crystal Music Healing

Bradford has been studying and practicing sound healing since 2006. He has a background in classical piano performance and music composition. He graduated from Amherst College in 2002 with a BA in music composition, and UMass Amherst in 2014 with an MA in Music Composition. He has also been practicing massage therapy since 2004 after receiving certification from the StillPoint School in Greenfield, MA.

Bradford learned many things at school about himself, sound healing, and his spiritual path. His discovery of crystal singing bowls become central to his performance and sound healing practices. He learned that when singing with the crystal bowls, streams of divine energy flow down to inspire and heal the listeners, and began to perform with them allowing people to journey within. He believes everyone can create such a connection with their souls like this and so began offering private sessions and workshops to help people open up their voice to their divine essence and personal power and healing potential.

Bradford has been sharing his voice and crystal bowls at yoga studios, healing centers, and public venues, locally and globally, in the form of concerts alone or in collaboration with other sound healers and musicians for the past 7 years. He has released two albums of original piano music and two albums of sound healing music to date.

In addition to singing with crystal bowls, Bradford Tilden is a certified Universal White Time Crystal and Gemstone Healing Teacher. By using crystal layouts in conjunction with sound healing he creates powerful customized healing experiences for people. He offers private sessions and workshops in conjunction with his meditative sound healing journeys and concerts. He can be reached at (415) 420-6232 or His website is

January 18, 2016

Pat Peabody - Mercury, the Planet of Communication, Is Retrograde
What Does It Mean?

Mercury, Messenger of the Gods is currently retrograde. What does it mean to me? Mercury goes retrograde 3-4 times each year. We will discuss what that means and how it affects all of us generally and others more specifically. If you would like a copy of your birth chart to see how this retrograde is affecting you, contact Pat directly at least a day before the talk and she will have your chart the day of the meeting. She will need your birthday, time and place.

Pat Peabody is an astrologer, Usui Reiki Master and Karuna® Reiki Master and also teaches tarot and astrology. Pat has been an astrologer for over 20 years and is a past president of the Astrological Society of Connecticut. Pat's approach is to focus on both the art and the craft of interpretation by incorporating intuition into the reading. It has been said that the journey is more important than the destination and Pat feels that astrology and the tarot are tools of empowerment and increase our awareness of ourselves and others. Pat can be reached at (860) 870-8962 or Her website is

November 16, 2015

Judith Dreyer - Healing In And With Nature

Gardens and meadows, forests and waterways provide a rich and vast array of nutrients, medicine and magic. How many of us feel at peace and more centered, grounded even, when in our gardens, or on a hike in the nearby forests? How many of us are saddened by the misuse of our lands, and waterways and/or troubled by the rate of species disappearing?

This presentation will focus on the intelligence in nature and how we can copartner with nature in such a way that consciously acknowledges this intelligence. We are holistic beings. Nature too is governed by holistic principles. We will discuss seven directions and experience a guided meditation with the four elemental forces that guide the intelligent order of our universe. Bring a journal.

Judith Dreyer, MS, BSN, RN has an MS in Nutrition Science and her BS in Nursing. She has taught at Western CT State University in Danbury, CT focusing on holistic health including western based herbalism for thirteen years. She recently became certified as a Holistic Stress Management Instructor with Paramount Institute. She has taught Nutrition Science at college level. She is the author of "At the Garden's Gate," her journey in growing a sustainable backyard meadow, following a Medicine Wheel of truths while working with nature.

As a Master Gardener Judith gives talks on wild edible and medicinal plants, landscape sustainability, and creating meadows throughout the East coast. She is also available for topics in the holistic health field. Judith lives in Vernon/Tolland, her website is and she can be reached at

October 19, 2015

Dan Lupacchino - Introduction To Integrated Energy Therapy (IET®)

Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) is a gentle yet powerful system of energy work that gets 'the issues out of the tissues.' Within our body, there are powerful emotional memories stored in our cellular structures. At times, these can cause blockages that affect our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. IET uses a focused energy ray working with 9 healing angels to safely and painlessly clear these blockages, up lifting the mind, body and spirit.

Explore the opportunity to learn how to heal with the Angels. Join IET® Master Instructor Dan Lupacchino for an informative evening into the world of IET®. Participants will learn a brief history of the development of IET and its many uses in healing, the different classes offered within the IET realm and trainings that are available. Learn a Heart-Link process to connect with these amazing angels.

Dan Lupacchino is a gifted healer, reader and teacher. Having started his holistic training at the age of 16, he has grown his holistic practice to include Massage Therapy, Energy Healing and Intuitive work. He is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Medical Intuitive, Spiritual Counselor, Master Healer and Integrated Energy Therapy (IET®) Master Instructor, recently being named a 2014 IET® Top Instructor. The scope of his class topics include healing, meditation, metaphysical practices and spirituality. Dan practices and teaches at The Healing in Harmony Center in Glastonbury.

Dan's private practice is Integrative Massage Works in Glastonbury. He can be reached at (866) 716-2740 or

September 21, 2015

Rev. Heather DeLusso - Sound Healing

Experience a sound and vibrational healing demonstration by Rev. Heather DeLusso from Serenity Grove Wellness Center. Sound Healing has many benefits including: reduction of pain, increased immune function, relief from depression and anxiety, stress reduction and relaxation, boosted healing response, increase in energy levels and productivity, and cessation of sleep disorders and insomnia. Join us to learn and see how sound and vibrational healing can help you.

Reverend DeLusso is an internationally known Psychic medium. She has been screened, tested and approved by True Psychics Network and the Best Psychics Directory. In addition to her work as a psychic medium, Heather is a gifted Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki healer and master teacher, animal communicator, metaphysical minister and Spiritual teacher.

With Lisa Huppert she owns the Serenity Grove Wellness Center in Coventry and can be reached at (866) 528-4355 or

May 18, 2015

Leigh Russell - Remote Clearing, What is it, how does it work
and what does that mean about me and my universe?

Participating in remote energy clearing (aka distance healing) leads one to ask the question: Who am I if healing can occur for me initiated by a someone who is miles away? Leigh Russell, has been practicing various forms of remote clearing (aka distance healing) for over 10 years. Leigh will share about the awakenings that have occurred through his exploration of the metaphysics of healing and give a demonstration of remote clearing.

Leigh Russell, owner and creator of Source-Gate is a psychic with 25 years of experience as a wellness practitioner. He is the inventor of energy tools for personal empowerment called 'Be Well Healing Symbols', spiritual guide, foot reflexologist, Reiki master and remote energy work practitioner. He studies and practices several techniques of bodywork, energy work and spiritual opening. His insights into metaphysics helped him create his own style of remote clearing tools called the Story-less methods. In addition to his healing practice, Leigh teaches aura reading, foot reflexology and remote clearing.

Leigh can be reached at, (413) 265-9934 or

April 20, 2015

Jan Bartrop-Babbitt - Heal Yourself: A Journey Of Self Exploration

Virtually everything that has happened to us in our lifetime(s) is recorded in our subconscious, but the cognitive rational brain has a difficult time communicating with the subconscious emotional brain. In addition, because our rational brain does not have the power to override our subconscious emotions we cannot control our emotions and attitudes. Our subconscious emotional brain is the origin of virtually all of our decisions. However, when the subconscious emotional brain is clogged up with junk that the rational brain cannot tap into, the way we feel and think and act get out of balance and we make irrational decisions. These create physical and psychosomatic illnesses.

I will guide you to the place where your 'illness' first began. We will go to the initial source of your discomfort, recognize and release it. You will have the opportunity to heal with the masters on every level to understand why you carried and kept this illness or concern, why it served you then and why it does not serve you now. YOU know how to heal yourself of every earthly concern, I will help your guides assist you in the healing. Experience is a great teacher. I invite you to experience the healing your inner guides have available to you.

Jan Bartrop-Babbitt, CHt, IACT is a licensed, certified hypnotherapist and a member of the International Association of Counselors and Therapists. Her credentials include Advanced Alchemical Past Life Regression, 20+ years as a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, Ordained Minister, and apprentice Shaman under the guidance and protection of Walks With Thunder. Jan can be reached in Granby at, (860) 861-7266 or

March 16, 2015

Marion Porter - Group Healing

Join Marion for this lively and inspiring evening of healing. She uses a unique blend of her healing modalities including Sound Healing, Tuning Fork Therapy, and Access Consciousness®, along with humor, to intuitively create a unique healing session. Each session is completely different and based on the energy of the group. Everyone attending will benefit from this two hour group session.

Marion Porter is a life-long student of all things metaphysical, spiritual and mystical. She uses a blend of traditional and cutting-edge modalities to show you how you can transform your life beyond your wildest dreams. Her healing modalities include Reiki, Tuning Fork Therapy, Sound Healing, Access Consciousness Bars®, and Access Consciousness® Body Processes.

Marion is the owner of Starwinds, and is the Practitioner Coordinator at All In All Pastime And Curiosity Shoppe. Her dynamic and entertaining personality brings a dimension of fun and playfulness to her healing sessions. For more information, visit her website at She can be reached in Granby at (860) 985-7583,

February 16, 2015

Driana Buonanducci - Trust Your Intuition

Most of us have experienced the sense of knowing things before we know them, even if we can't explain how. If only you could tap into those insights more often, right? Turns out you can, especially if you learn to identify which signals to focus on — whether a funny feeling in your stomach, or a sudden and inexplicable certainty that something is up.

Learning to be perceptive of our intuition or inner voice can be one of the most powerful things we can do, as it almost always leads us towards a state of harmony and peace, or at the very least helps guide us to the most appropriate teachings.

So how can we become better attuned to listening to our inner guidance? We will discuss how to distinguish the difference about what our mind and heart are telling us and we will put it into practice.

Driana Buonanducci is a Spiritual Medium, Psychic, Reiki Healer and a Spiritual Teacher. She has been connecting with those who have passed on since childhood. She is also experienced in Remote viewing, Angel Connection and Past Life Reading. Her story was recently published at the West Hartford Life and the Valley Press. She has helped many as far away as Africa, UK, Japan, The Cayman Islands and many other locations. She can be reached in West Hartford at (860) 521-2012 or (860) 993-8676 (cell), or visit her website at

January 19, 2015

Joyce St. Germaine - Palmistry: Your Life Is In Your Hands

Discover what mysteries lie hidden in your hands or in the hands of others. See who can keep secrets as revealed by their pinky fingers and who has natural healing gifts as shown by the "Samaritan Lines". Great artistic abilities will show in one's thumbs and teaching gifts by the appearance of "Teacher's Squares".

There are many aspects of one's hand which, when understood, can help shape a more joyful and meaningful life. Take this time to look carefully at your own hands and thus your own life. Learn how to create the best possible outcome. See if your current health challenges were agreed to before you were born (Karmic) or whether they can be lovingly released. Take a close look at your "Heart Line" to see whether you are ruled more by the head or by the heart and then see how to recognize your perfect romantic partner. Finally, see if you possess the rare "Lottery Lines" which indicate the potential for big winnings! There will be plenty of chuckles and lots of "Aha!" moments! You'll be amazed and amused!

Please bring a magnifying glass if you have one and, if possible, a photo copy of each palm clearly showing the major lines. You may find it helpful to download in advance, a free app for your cell phone which is a light and also magnifying glass. Please bring a notebook/journal or blank paper larger than your hand.

Joyce St. Germaine, M.ED., CHt is a Certified Shamanic Practitioner and Certified Shapeshifting Practitioner. Her specialty is Cross-Cultural Shamanism, combining traditional and non-traditional techniques. She also works extensively as a Certified Hypnotherapist/Instructor and Past Life Regressionist. Widely known for her work as a spiritual counselor for nearly 30 years, Joyce has helped clients around the world to gain insights to assist them on their personal and spiritual paths. Joyce is also a TV show host/producer and has been a spiritual studies teacher for nearly 30 years. She can be reached in Burlington at (860) 675-9706, or see her website at

November 17, 2014

Karin Nemri - Heaven And The Afterlife

Down through the ages all of the world's major religions depict 'Heaven' as some sort of paradise as defined by the major scholars of 'spiritual life' of the time. But over the years as religion took hold, paradise was modified to become a haven for those who have lived their lives according to the limitations of religion. If we move past religion, which in itself encompasses one's essential need for security and safety, and return back to Spirituality, which embraces the basic essence of truth, we can begin to look at Heaven from a perspective of clarity without religious dogma to cloud the view.

Although the paradise of Heaven itself is not a misconception, some of the interpretations of what has been defined as paradise may be. In this presentation, I will describe Heaven as I know it, based on my personal near-death experience and from later communications with my Spirit Guides, who actually led me on a tour of a multitude of higher planes. While in a semi-altered state of consciousness, I was able to experience 'Heaven' from the soul's perspective, with the goal of being able to shed some light on some of the mysteries that grieving people often struggle with after losing a loved one; such as wondering what their loved ones are doing after leaving this physical world.

If you have any questions about the mysteries of the continuum of life, join me in this discussion about the dying process and the soul's progression to the higher planes of reality and learn how you can use that knowledge to gain a better understanding of your present physical life.

Karin Nemri is a Certified Spiritual Counselor, Domestic Violence Counselor, Aiijii Healer and lecturer/presenter. A hospice volunteer since 1996, she founded the Connecticut Affiliate of The Twilight Brigade: Compassion in Action. Additionally, she is currently Secretary/Treasurer and WebMaster of The Academy for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies, Inc. Karin was also on the steering committee of the Hospice-Veterans Partnership of Connecticut as well as a member of The Connecticut Holistic Health Association, The Connecticut Coalition to Improve End-of-Life Care, and The Connecticut Emergency Crisis Response Team/Spiritual Division.

She can be reached (860) 243-0869, Learn more about her at her website

October 20, 2014

Jan Bartrop-Babbitt - Spiritual Alchemy Past Life Regression

Spiritual Alchemy Past Life Regression is a time-honored therapy with a new dimensional perspective. The client is brought back to the cause of the problem so it can be completely resolved at a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. Past and present issues are healed on an ethereal plane where a client meets spirit guides that assist with the healing.

Sometimes the problem goes further back, and past life regression therapy includes working with a recurring issue that appears to be from a past life. Obsessive thoughts about cleanliness may come from a death in dirt. Depression may come from a hopeless situation of poverty or slavery. As the soul returns to life over and over, the traumatic past life memories are re-created in our current life often making little sense, and keeping us from living peaceful lives.

Jan will be demonstrating the often rapid and life changing results of an Alchemy Past Life Regression. She will take the group back - each to their own individual life and to a place where a CURRENT life issue began. A suggestion will be made that the individual go to the origin of the problem. The issue will likely be different for each person - one may struggle with emotional eating, one with trust issues, and another with a fear of heights. At the end of that lifetime each person will be taken to a place of life between lives where they can review with their spirit guides the need for that lesson as well as the opportunity to remember that is does not necessarily serve in this lifetime if that is the case. Each person will have the opportunity to resolve conflict with relationships, alive or dead on an ethereal plane and make or receive amends as they find necessary. This WILL be different than any past life experience you have had. It is intended to be healing, not informational.

Jan Bartrop-Babbitt, CHt, IACT is a licensed, certified hypnotherapist and a member of the International Association of Counselors and Therapists. Her credentials include Advanced Alchemical Past Life Regression, 20+ years as a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, Ordained Minister, and mother of two wonderful sons. Jan can be reached at, (860) 861-7266 or

September 15, 2014

Rev. Heather DeLusso & Lisa Huppert - Chakra Energy: What's It All About?

Learn how to balance your body and mind using an ancient Eastern wellness belief based on the seven energy centers (Chakras) that govern all your organs and work together as one system, yet independently. Time will be spent developing the understanding of each Chakra center. Handouts will demonstrate how to use grids and chakra stones.

Reverend Heather DeLusso is an internationally known Psychic medium. She has been screened tested and approved by True Psychics Network and the Best Psychics Directory. In addition to her work as a psychic medium, Heather is a gifted Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki healer and master teacher, animal communicator, metaphysical minister and Spiritual teacher.

Lisa Huppert is a former student of Heather's and is currently working on course development of classes as well as writing materials related to metaphysics. In addition to being a Psychic medium, Lisa is also a Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki healer and master teacher and a multimedia artist. Presently she is enrolled in a master’s program at the Graduate Institute For Integrative Health And Healing.

Together they own the Serenity Grove Wellness Center in Coventry and can be reached at (866) 528-4355 or

May 19, 2014

Mike Panicello - UFO Update

Are you curious about UFOs? Do you have questions that need answers? MIKE PANICELLO, of the Mutual UFO Network, Inc., will tell us about UFO-related activities. Topics will cover the different types of UFO research, abductions, aliens, famous sightings, crashes, and military involvement.

Mike will focus on the 5 percent of UFO Cases that are truly unexplained and will also talk a little about sources and research procedures because that is so important for good UFO researchers to understand.

The objective of MUFON Connecticut is to investigate UFO related activities within the state as well as conduct research on UFO related activities for the purpose of scientific discovery. They also do outreach to educate the public on the UFO phenomenon.

Mike lives in Vernon and is the State Director of the Connecticut Chapter of MUFON. He can be reached at Visit the website at

April 21, 2014

Marion Porter/Singing Hawk & The Elders - Channeled Drumming

In this program of Channeled Drumming, Marion will draw from a past lifetime as a Cherokee medicine man named Singing Hawk, who was the drum keeper for a group called The Elders. In this unique session, Marion uses her drum to work between her past and present lifetimes. While drumming above a person's chakras, she hears The Elders singing. She channels specific healing beats to balance and clear blockages, which The Elders refer to as Freedom Drumming. This results in a remarkably deep emotional release that can feel like you have been set free.

Marion will also talk about how she discovered she had this ability, and how it is changing her life.

Marion is a Usui Reiki Master, Sound Healer, Tuning Fork Therapist, Access Consciousness Bars® Facilitator, Access Consciousness® Body Process Facilitator, and Channeling Drummer. She is also a Reiki Volunteer at the Hospital of Central CT. She is the owner of Starwinds, her healing business, and Divine Designs, her business of channeled marketing materials. Marion’s entertaining, fun, and playful style is sure to provide a deep healing like none other. For more information, check out her website. She can be reached at (860) 985-7583 or

March 17, 2014

Patrice Gildner Channels the Words of the Master Kuthumi

Would you like to know what the Masters think about what is happening in the world today?

Are you looking for a breakthrough experience to re-energize and redirect your own life?

In a special partnership over the last 20 years, Master Kuthumi communicates his messages through Patrice to help people like you gain insights for greater happiness and success in life.

Master Kuthumi is one of the ‘Masters' or ‘Ascended Masters' whose extraordinary insights and compassion have changed the lives of thousands. Read more at

Those who participated in the October Guild meeting will recall the informative and lively interaction. Join us as Master Kuthumi answers YOUR questions during this gallery-style reading.

Patrice Gildner began channeling 20 years ago, though she was aware even as a child of her destiny to be of service in the world. Because Patrice’s method of channeling does not allow spirit guides to speak directly through her, the voice you hear will be hers, though clients often recognize Kuthumi’s language patterns and phrasing as distinct from those of Patrice. In most cases, what clients hear resonates deeply with them, and they recognize that the information they receive not only sounds logical, but is also logically sound. Patrice lives in Granby and is available for private readings in person and over the phone. She can be reached at (860) 413-3199, or see her website.

Patrice also hosts a YouTube Channel, The Golden Helix Guild, with interviews of area people. Some have presented at The Guild, including TINA ANGELI and MARY BACH. On the channel Patrice also offers more information about her own work. Watch the videos at The Golden Helix Guild.

February 17, 2014

Lauralee Green - A Channeled Evening With Clarissa From The Pleiades

Lauralee Green, clairvoyant reader and channeler, will introduce us to the wisdom of Clarissa. Clarissa is from the Pleiades, a conspicuous cluster of stars in the constellation Taurus. Clarissa is over 350 years old and originally walked the earth for a couple of lifetimes in the 1800's.

Clarissa states that she is an educator not a teacher. She requested to be one of many that impart wisdom to other planets in hopes of assisting them in understanding their circumstances and speed up their evolution. Clarissa is very light hearted, playful and has a strong accent that could be mistaken for an Irish brogue.

Clarissa will offering a group message, through Lauralee and then leave the rest of the session open to questions whether they relate to the evening's topic or not. Clarissa will be discussing Earthbounds and the after life. Once someone is gone from their body how do we communicate with them? And what if they get caught between this life and the after life?

Lauralee Green began channeling in 1990. Her first book "How to Develop Your Psychic Senses" is available by Ebook and soon to be available in print. Lauralee currently lives in Torrington, CT and is available for private readings by phone or in person. She can be reached at (480) 905-8433, or see her website

January 20, 2014

Marion Porter - Sound Healing

How do the deep healing vibrations of singing bowls, crystal singing pyramids and tuning forks improve your health? Learn about the newest sound healing tools.

Lemurian Activation Tuning Forks use specific frequencies to promote healing of the physical body to bring your body back into balance and harmony. Marion has different tuning forks for body organs, for pain and stress release.

The newest sound healing tool is the crystal singing pyramid, which comes in a variety of sizes and the sound and vibration emerging is very different than from crystal or Tibetan bowls. See YouTube video on pyramids.

Relax, unwind and let go of your stress, worries, and concerns. Discover how Sound Healing can change your life as you move into a state of relaxation, peacefulness and serenity.

Marion Porter is the owner of Starwinds, and is a Certified Access Consciousness® Bars Facilitator, Usui Reiki Master, Sound Healer, Intuitive Energy Healer and Transformationalist.

Her dynamic and entertaining personality brings a dimension of fun and playfulness to her healing sessions. For more information, check out her website. She can be reached at (860) 985-7583 or

November 18, 2013

Lauralee Green - A Channeled Evening With Clarissa - Pleiades

Lauralee Green, clairvoyant reader and channeler, will introduce us to the wisdom of Clarissa. Clarissa is from the Pleiades, a conspicuous cluster of stars in the constellation Taurus that includes six stars in the form of a very small dipper. Greek mythology describes the Pleiades as the seven daughters of Atlas turned into a group of stars.

Clarissa is over 350 years old and originally walked the earth in the 1800's. In one of her lifetimes she was beaten so badly she died at the hands of her abuser. Since then she has such compassion for mankind, even though she knows there are many challenges to overcome in order to grow and learn here on Earth. Those who have seen Clarissa's energy describe her as an old woman that looks like a school marm dressed in a black A-line dress with granny boots. Clarissa says she is an educator, not a teacher. She requested to be one of many that impart wisdom to other planets in hopes of assisting them in understanding their circumstances and speed up their evolution.

Clarissa enjoys offering a group message, through Lauralee, to enlighten those present with a particular message. Suggestions of what you'd like Clarissa to discuss will be obtained at the beginning of the channeling session and intertwined in the message. There will be opportunity to ask personal questions. This month Clarissa would like to discuss this ever changing world and how to live in it. Life can be challenging enough without freak thunderstorms, earthquakes or extreme heat with no sight of this ending. She will also discuss why our planet is changing so greatly and how one copes with the emotional upheaval this brings.

Lauralee Green began channeling in 1990. She was practicing meditation and intuitive message work when a warm unconditional loving being entered her energy field and began to speak through her with a different speech pattern and unique tone of voice. As a spiritual teacher, psychic, healer, author, and lecturer, over the last 25 years, she has helped thousands with her psychic ability. Her first book "How to Develop Your Psychic Senses" is due out this year. Lauralee currently lives in Torrington, CT and is available for private readings by phone or in person. She can be reached at (480) 905-8433, or see her website

October 21, 2013

Patrice Gildner - A Channeled Evening With Master Kuthumi

Patrice Gildner, intuitive reader and channeler, will introduce us to the wisdom and loving guidance of Master Kuthumi. Kuthumi is a member of a group of advanced beings sometimes referred to as ‘Ascended Masters’ who have volunteered to help promote the spiritual advancement of mankind through love and wisdom. They come to us as Elder Brothers to help guide those who are willing to open their heart to the Truth of their own divine nature and to be of service to humanity. Kuthumi provides extraordinary insights and compassionate support to those who seek him out and communicates his messages telepathically through Patrice and other ‘channels’.

The Ascended Masters are individuals who were formerly embodied on the Earth and learned the lessons of life during their incarnations. They gained mastery over the limitations of the matter planes, balanced at least 51% of negative karma, and fulfilled their Dharma (Divine Plan). An Ascended Master, in such an understanding, has become God-like and a source of unconditional Divine Love to all life, and through the Ascension has united with his or her own God Self; their I Am Presence. Kuthumi will offer, through Patrice, enlightened insights to the group. There will be opportunity to ask personal questions.

Patrice Gildner began channeling 20 years ago, though she was aware even as a child of her destiny to be of service in the world. Because Patrice’s method of channeling does not allow spirit guides to speak directly through her, the voice you hear will be hers, though clients often recognize Kuthumi’s language patterns and phrasing as distinct from those of Patrice. In most cases, what clients hear resonates deeply with them, and they recognize that the information they receive not only sounds logical, but is also logically sound. Patrice lives in Suffield and is available for private readings. She can be reached at (860) 413-3199, or see her website See her introductory YouTube clip.

September 16, 2013

Eaglemoon Raes - Working With The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

EFT is based on the theory that the cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body's energy system.ť It is a powerful procedure used by thousands of practitioners around the world to help people find more success, fulfillment, and peace in their lives through understanding and resolving deep 'root causes'ť of issues that keep them from achieving their greatest dreams, issues such as physical or emotional discomfort, panic/anxiety attacks, traumatic memories, addictions, and phobias. EFT is a form of emotional acupuncture, except that instead of needles, the fingertips are used to stimulate certain meridian energy points while the client is 'tuned in'ť to the problem. This interactive workshop will allow you to experience the power of EFT yourself.

Eaglemoon Raes is trained as a Usui and Karuna Reiki Master/teacher, hypnotist, holographic healer, a guided self-healing practitioner, an EFT practitioner, and journey-woman. She is the former radio host of “What’s the Point” on WHUS – 91.7FM, in Storrs where she led journeys on-the-air, and is currently the radio host of Perk Up on Blog Talk Radio. Eaglemoon produced four journey CDs in 2006. She is also the creator of the popular “Uniquely Yours™ Customized Subliminal Hypnosis Programs” and the author of “Mother ~ Wife ~ Visionary, Finding Love in the Rubble of Life”, and the forthcoming book, “Sideline Support for Sports Moms.”

Eaglemoon is a practitioner at the Oneida Holistic Health Center in Marlborough, CT and can be reached at (860) 402-8116, or see her website

July 15, 2013

Pearle S. Lake - Condition Your Mind to Attract With Feng Shui

You know that your thoughts influence your outer world. Did you know that objects in your space influence your inner world? Your personal environment informs your subconscious that this is what you intend. It (the subconscious) automatically goes about searching for ways to bring you more of the same. If you do not want more of the same it's time to consider feng shui.

Do you have an intention that isn't happening? Feng shui is a valuable tool that helps condition your mind to attract success. Fortunately for us, this ancient discipline provides us with a blueprint called the bagua. It doesn't matter how big or how small your space is, there is always something you can do. We'll touch upon feng shui basics and focus on easy ways that condition your mind for your purpose.

Pearle S.Lake is a Professional Intuitive and Empowerment Coach in practice for more than 25 years. She is a lifelong student of metaphysics and particularly resonates with the principles of the New Thought movement. From an early age, Pearle was drawn to metaphysics, spiritualism, astrology and other esoteric philosophies. Always interested in the dynamics of peaceful change she studied and became certified in NLP and Feng Shui. Pearle is the author of two self-help books: "Improve Your Life with Intuition, Feng Shui Wisdom and Affirmations" and "How to Be Present And Create Your Future," both available at She can be reached at (860) 487-1754 or see her website

June 17, 2013

June Hyjek - Meditation for Managing Chronic Pain and Stress

East meets west in this workshop that introduces the power of meditation in managing the physiological and emotional impact of chronic pain and stress. Many western doctors are now embracing the use of meditation in managing chronic conditions, and have found that this ancient practice complements traditional medicine and can increase the effectiveness of treatments. Practicing meditation can help to create an optimal environment in the body for healing, by improving the immune system, lowering blood pressure and heart rate and increasing oxygen flow.

In this session, we’ll discuss how chronic pain and stress impact the body, and explore meditations that can help manage the symptoms and offset the damaging effects. We’ll briefly review the physiology, science and emotion behind pain and stress, and then practice a simple meditation that you can use right away to release the negative energy and improve your overall well-being.

As a MindBody Coach, Certified Hypnotherapist, Meditation Teacher and Reiki Master, June Hyjek offers extensive experience in pain and stress management, working with clients to help them move through life's transitions with grace and peace. Her practice emphasizes techniques that work to create physical, emotional and spiritual fitness. June is the author of "Unexpected Grace: A Discovery of Healing through Surrender" and meditation CD, "Moving Into Grace."

Personally, June has struggled with the debilitating condition of Scoliosis for more than half her life. She has overcome the pain and emotional issues from six surgeries, finding healing through mindbody approaches and the loving support of others. As a motivational speaker, she uses her personal experience and her expertise to share her insights on handling emotional and physical pain with grace. June can be reached at (860) 985-9850 or

May 20, 2013

Pearle S. Lake - Leaving the State of Anxiety

Have you ever felt anxious and 'trapped' in a restaurant or theater? Do you dread going over bridges? Does anxiety prevent you from doing the things you want? If this is your experience you are in good company. Millions of people feel or have felt this way. Anxiety is a state you have unknowingly entered and now want to leave.

Anxiety and panic may be the result of misinformation and misperceptions that we accept as true. It's important to know that anxiety does not necessarily originate from a traumatic event. Often it doesn't. Instead of thriving and flourishing, many people find it a chore to survive the stress it brings to their daily life.

As someone who had experienced agoraphobia for years, I can tell you that there are viable solutions to end the anxiety cycle. In this class we'll look at simple strategies that reduce and eliminate anxiety, discuss ways we can help ourselves, and participate in empowering exercises and a short relaxation session.

The information presented is not a substitute for medical advice. It provides you with ideas that you can choose to apply, or not.

Pearle S.Lake is a Professional Intuitive Consultant in practice for more than 25 years. She is a lifelong student of metaphysics and particularly resonates with the healing principles of the New Thought movement. A powerful experience with NLP (NeuroLinguistic Programming) led her to become a certified NLP practitioner. Pearle is the author of "Improve Your Life with Intuition, Feng Shui Wisdom and Affirmations," available at her website or and other online outlets. Other certifications include, Life Coaching, and Feng Shui practitioner. She can be reached at (860) 487-1754.

February 18, 2013

Marion Porter - Access Consciousness Bars™ Taster

How much of your life do you spend doing rather than receiving? Have you noticed that your life is not yet what you would like it to be? You could have all you desire and more if you are willing to receive more and maybe do a little less!

The Access Bars™ is the foundation and first building block of all of Access Consciousness® first introduced by Gary Douglas in 1990.

There are 32 points on your head which, when gently touched, effortlessly and easily release anything that doesn’t allow you to receive. These points contain all the thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and emotions you have stored in any lifetime. We call all of these points that you touch when using this modality “The Bars™”

For example, every thought you have ever had about money that you considered important, the energy and electric component of that thought is stored in the bar called “money”. There are bars for healing, creativity, sexuality, control, awareness, body, power, aging, and joy; 32 different ones in all. Each bar corresponds with that aspect or area of your life that it is named after.

By touching one bar you activate it and begin to clear away the energy locked up in that area or aspect of your life. Add in touching another bar and you not only get the “issue” from the first bar, you also begin clearing the “issues” stored in that second bar as well. You will clear all the points of view about those two bars in relation to each other, allowing for exponential change.

Just by gently touching the points of the bars you effectively erase everything you have ever stored there. This is an incredibly nurturing and relaxing process, undoing limitations in all aspects of your life that you are willing to change. By clearing all of these limitations, a whole range of possibilities begin to open up for you and life gets much easier.

The Access Bars™ has assisted thousands of people to change many aspects of their body and their life including sleep, health, weight, money, relationships, anxiety, stress, AD/HD and so much more. At worst you will feel like you have just had the best massage of your life. At best your whole life can change into something greater with total ease.

In this Taster, you will learn the basics of the Bars™ and get to experience a mini session.

Marion Porter is the owner of Starwinds, and is a Certified Access Consciousness® Bars Facilator, Usui Reiki Master, Sound Healer, Intuitive Energy Healer and Transformationalist based in CT. Her dynamic and entertaining personality brings a dimension of fun and playfullness to her healing sessions. For more information, check out her website. She can be reached at (860) 985-7583 or

November 19, 2012

Rosemary Ellen Guiley - The Interdimensional Earth

Our reality is one of a layer of parallel dimensions populated by beings who share the planet with us. We encounter these other-dimensional beings when conditions are right, or we are in portals, places where the boundaries between dimensions are thin and permeable. Portals are big and small, and may be right in your own yard or home. Rosemary shares her research on portals and encounters with a wide range of beings: fairies and nature spirits, orb energies, ultraterrestrials, mysterious creatures, reptilians, shadow people and more.

Rosemary Ellen Guiley is one of the leading experts on the paranormal with more than 50 books published by major houses on a wide range of paranormal, spiritual, and mystical topics, including nine single-volume encyclopedias. Her work is translated into 15 languages. She has worked full-time in the paranormal since 1983, researching, investigating, writing, and presenting, and teaching. Her present work focuses interdimensional entity contact experiences of all kinds, technological and mediumistic spirit communications, spiritual growth and development, problem hauntings, and “portals,” or geographic areas of intense paranormal activity. She spends a great deal of her time out in the field conducting investigations and research.

Rosemary lives in New Milford, CT. Her websites are and

October 15, 2012

Karin Nemri - The Dying Time and Beyond

As physicists search for a theory of unification or a "theory of everything" that includes life, mind, and consciousness, nature continues to go about its business creating and expanding its own reality. So much goes on behind the backs of scientists in the invisible realm of Spirit. After having had an opportunity to catch a glimpse of the Spiritual Realm by way of a near-death experience, I have been able to come to an understanding of the workings of other planes of reality and the beings that function there. In this presentation I will share the experience that I had with my father during that last two months of his life as he shifted back and forth between the physical world and the Realm of Spirit.

His interactions with Spirit beings who helped him to resolve past issues and bring meaning and closure to his life here on earth not only afforded me an opportunity to bond with him at a deep level, but also validated what I had previously been shown about our eternal existence and awesome energy system of multiple planes.

For visual effects, I will, as I always do, administer a healing treatment to an audience member using the demonstrative Aiijii healing Method, which allows people to see what goes on invisibly on other vibrational planes during an energy healing treatment, providing evidence of life beyond the veil.

Karin Nemri is a Certified Spiritual Counselor, Domestic Violence Counselor, Aiijii Healer and lecturer/presenter. A hospice volunteer since 1996, she founded the Connecticut Affiliate of The Twilight Brigade: Compassion in Action. Additionally, she is currently Secretary/Treasurer and WebMaster of The Academy for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies, Inc. Karin was also on the steering committee of the Hospice-Veterans Partnership of Connecticut as well as a member of The Connecticut Holistic Health Association, The Connecticut Coalition to Improve End-of-Life Care, and The Connecticut Emergency Crisis Response Team/Spiritual Division.

She can be reached (860) 243-0869, Learn more about her at her website

September 17, 2012

Jennifer Page – Power, Clarity & Health

Join us on this interactive night of energy play (It won't be "work" I promise!). Lets start by doing an energy exercise to get us centered; I call it Power, Clarity & Health. We will build our energy as we focus on those we love, those we are trying to love, and the entire planet. We will practice expanding our awareness of our energy and those around us. Lets see what happens when our energy is up and we tune into situations we would like to receive insights on.

Jennifer was born intuitive and "seeing" and "playing" with energies. She has been giving readings publicly over 25 years ago. Currently she has an international phone clientele and has been teaching and lecturing since 1990. She is also a Reiki Master. For more information on Jennifer and her other accomplishments please visit, She can also be reached at (860) 919-7107 in Glastonbury.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Barbara Hardie – Path Of The Soul

Follow the cycle of Birth / Life / Death. Participants will learn:

  • What we do on the other side to prepare for our journey to Earth.
  • The major secret to learning life lessons more quickly and easily.
  • What happens when life is over and we return to the non-physical world.
  • Some important aspects about death.
  • What miscarriage, stillbirth, crib death, and abortion have in common.

Participate in a Life Review Meditation to meet your Higher Self, Council Members, Angels, and/or Spirit Guides.

The information that will be presented in "The Path of the Soul" Workshop is taken from Chapters 3 thru 6 in Barbara's book "Creating Heaven on Earth -- A Guide to Personal Ascension."

Is it possible to become an Ascended Master in this lifetime? Maybe so! The answer resides within your DNA -- your Soul Contract/Blueprint. Many will ascend in this lifetime as a result of the energy shifts and the changes to the requirements from individual to mass/group Ascension. Barbara's book contains information on the following topics:

  • Why the Soul was created and the "real" reason humans are occupying Earth.
  • The path the Soul takes in preparing for an earthly life, learning life's lessons, and what happens upon our return to the other side.
  • Why suicide is NOT an option.
  • The symptoms of Ascension.
  • How to become an Ascended Master in this lifetime or prepare for Ascension in a future lifetime.
  • What life on Earth will be like in the near and distant futures.

Barbara M. Hardie is the Founder & Director of Angel Connections, Ordained Spiritualist Minister, Certified Spiritual Healer, Medium & Counselor, Award-Winning Author of Creating Heaven on Earth - A Guide to Personal Ascension, Lecturer, Certified Master Hypnotherapist, Member of IACT - International Association of Counselors & Therapists, and member of TNSA - The National Spiritual Alliance. She can be reached at (413)258-0228, or

Monday, April 16, 2012

Mary Lazzaro-Bach – Gallery Readings

Mary was our guest at the March meeting and we so enjoyed her we invited her back to do Gallery Readings.

After a short discussion of mediumship, and her particular crayon-in-hand approach, readings will be done gallery-style. Mary will offer messages and their accompanying drawings to the audience as they come through to her. This is a great opportunity to experience connecting to the spirit realm and introducing yourself to mediumship.

Mary Lazzaro-Bach is an Earthling. So far in this lifetime she has been around the sun fifty one times. She attended public, private and parochial schools; holds a BS in Special Education/Child Study and an MA in Pastoral Ministry, both from Saint Joseph College in West Hartford. She has observed the human condition as a housekeeper in a nursing home; an office assistant; in the produce department of a grocery store; as a substitute teacher; as an antique dealer, during twenty-eight years as a special education teacher; twenty-five years as an intuitive psychic and medium, and her whole life as a compulsive artist. She is both a recovering Catholic and a recovering teacher.

Mary lives in Rocky Hill with her two quirky teenagers, three wacky cats and her remarkable husband. You can reach this happy medium at, at her website or see her artistic creations at As the guest of Mystical Cruise web-based radio host Robert Sharpe, her archived call-in shows can be accessed at Mary's next live show will be on Friday, May 4th from 8-9 pm.

February 17, 2012

Joyce St. Germaine – The Heart Huaca Journey: Tools for Healing & Transformation

We are gifted with healing tools from the moment of our births until the end of our lives. These gifts are embedded in our energy fields with the expectation that they will be discovered, activated, and used in service to others. Often, we remain unaware of these gifts and they lie dormant and unused. These "huacas" or energy tools, are easily discovered and retrieved by another person during a shamanic journey. "Camaying", an ancient shamanic practice of blowing the essence of them into the receiver's heart and crown will be followed by rattling, sealing them into the receiver's conscious awareness.

The receiver may then journey to have their huaca reveal its properties and usefulness as a tool for transformation and healing. Each heart huaca is unique to that individual and will continue to reveal more and more of itself as the user progresses. Many people state that their healing gifts and intuitive skills are greatly enhanced as a result of this activation.

This experiential presentation is for all levels of experience and everyone will have an opportunity to both retrieve and receive a huaca. We will end with a journey for each person to connect with and learn about his/her new tool. Please bring a rattle if you have one; there will be many available for sharing.

Joyce St. Germaine, M.ED., CHt is a middle school art teacher, now in her 37th year of teaching. She is the "2011-2012 West Hartford Teacher of the Year", finalist for the "2012 CT Teacher of the Year", and a Ronald McDonald House Charities "2011 Local Hero" Joyce is active as a shamanic practitioner, hypnotherapist and instructor, psychic reader, paranormal investigator, artist, and workshop facilitator. Known for her psychic skills and unique spirit detachment techniques, she is often consulted by various police departments to assist in murder or missing person cases. Joyce is also a TV show host/producer and has been a spiritual studies teacher for nearly 30 years. She can be reached in Burlington at (860) 675-9706, or see her website at

January 20, 2012

Jennifer Page – Reconnecting With Our Intuitive Guidance

Imagine a world in which everyone uses their intuitive abilities and lives in peace and harmony with each other and their planet. Then one night something changes and it is as if they 'forget' how healthy and how wonderful life can be. What would happen and what would it take to get back to the way things used to be? I don't have the answers; but I have some scenarios that I'll enjoy discussing with you.

We will then focus on today and the tomorrows we can create by exploring ways to get back in touch with our own intuitive guidance. I will share techniques learned in overcoming the challenges of being intuitive as well as exercises and 'tricks' that have helped me refocus and reconnect with my intuitive guidance.

Born intuitive, Jennifer began giving readings publicly over 25 years ago. Currently she has an international phone clientele and has been teaching and lecturing since 1990. A Reiki Master, Hypnosis Instructor, NLP practitioner and speaker, she has also appeared on the CBS Morning Show, been a guest on CT local and Cable channels as well as national radio shows. For more information please see Jennifer's website:

November 18, 2011

Madeline Bombetto – Spiritual Operation

Tonight you will learn and experience a healing technique which will assist you in your daily life. Healing Angels, Masters and Spirit Guides will adjust and heal you.

You can learn this process in one evening. It is a great tool for releasing physical and emotional blocks - illness. It also adjusts your energy bodies so they become more compatible with your Spirit Guides allowing you to communicate with them directly. Bring a blanket, pillow and wear comfortable clothes.

Madeline Bombetto's West Hartford healing practice is Gabriel Associates. She has been a Hartford area healer and teacher for over 25 years. She offers hypnotherapy, Psych-k, spiritual counseling, energy work, rebirthing, journeying and is a medical intuitive. She can be reached at (860) 523-1234 or

September 16, 2011

Mary Thompson - Healing Properties Of Stones & Crystals

Healing Crystals and Gemstones are one of the most beautiful, mystical and profound "energy medicine" tools, which have been used for centuries throughout all cultures, religions and empires.

Mary Thompson from ThistleGlass Crafts in Ellington, along with her sister Marjorie (they and their sister are triplets), is a favorite at area fairs and expos with a large assortment and extensive knowledge of gemstones and crystals. Mary is also a Certified Energy healer. Tonight she'll share with us information on the healing properties of stones and crystals, how to cleanse your stones and how to use them.

Bring your questions and your favorite stones with you. It has been some time since there has been a program in the area on this subject. Mary can be reached at (860) 875-3895.

April 15, 2011

Richard Gould - Spiritual Alchemy

Join Richard Gould Visionary Artist, medium and master guide, for a lively and provocative presentation as he delivers a trance channeled message from spirit, followed by extraordinary insights into the mechanics of spirit, the natural process of Creative Transformation and the soul’s prime mandate for Spiritual Evolution. This presentation will conclude with a guided meditation, to raise the vibrational frequency of all who attend, enhancing everyone's personal journey of healing, spiritual growth and transformation.

Richard Gould is an award winning Visionary Artist, spirit medium and master guide. After earning his B.F.A. he went on to graduate studies and apprenticed with several prominent artists and craftsman. Over the years his work has appeared in national magazines, books, CD’s, videos, television and environmental graphics. Today, Richard offers a large and diverse body of artwork designed to heal, empower and inspire.

In addition, Richard received a rich and powerful education in spiritual practices working with such prominent masters in Tai Chi and Chi Kung as Grand Master William CC Chen, Ken Cohen, Kam Lam Chuan, and Dr, Yang Jwing Ming. Dedicated to advancing spiritual awareness and the quality of life for all, Richard creatively combines his unique life experiences, knowledge, skills and gifts in his teachings of Spiritual Alchemy.

He can be reached (860) 257-4547, or visit his website at

February 18, 2011

Patricia Hinchey - Oneness Blessing

"The Awakened One sees the world as himself or herself, loves and cares for the world as one's self." These are the words of Sri Bhagavan, co-founder of the Oneness Blessing world-wide movement. Come and explore what Oneness means to you and others; hear more about the Oneness teachings and receive a Oneness Blessing.

Oneness as a concept has been alive and vibrant in the metaphysical world and spiritual traditions for ages. We grasp Oneness in our minds more easily than in our hearts - it's easier to talk about it than to live it, walk it, own it. The Oneness Blessing or Deeksha is an energetic transmission of grace where the Divine reaches out and touches us enabling us to deepen our relationships with ourselves, our families, our global relatives, and all of nature. The Blessing affects us neurologically, expanding our consciousness and shifting our perceptions. It helps free us from limiting conditionings and judgments; it heals us physically, emotionally and psychologically. In this time of accelerating change and uncertainty, this blessing awakens in us a deeper spirit of cooperation and harmony.

Pat Hinchey is a Oneness Blessing giver and certified energy medicine practitioner of the Four Winds Healing the Light Body School. She helps you transform your life through physical wellness, spiritual healing, and sacred ceremony, guiding you to a place of balance and harmony for your everyday life. Pat has studied numerous energy modalities over the past two decades and is committed to our continued spiritual awakening. She offers individual sessions and workshops through her practice, Andean Bliss in Vernon, and can be reached at (860) 871-5467, or

January 21, 2011

Jim Cole - Harmonic Overtone Singing

Harmonic overtone singing (aka throat singing) is clearly singing two or more tones at once by amplifying overtones that naturally occur in the human voice. For centuries people in many parts of the world have developed overtone singing traditions. These have reached their greatest refinement in central Asia, especially in Tuva, Mongolia and Tibet. In the West, harmonic overtone singing is evolving rapidly through myriad secular, meditative, relaxation, and spiritual practices. Come experience mesmerizing overtone songs as Jim sings accompanied by guitar. A Q&A/discussion will follow the performance.

"…unique, sublime, extraordinary and experience that relaxes the mind and body as it feeds the imagination." ~ M. Jeffrey Schmidt, Massage Magazine

Jim Cole has been practicing, teaching and leading groups devoted to harmonic overtone singing since 1991. He and his group Spectral Voices are most known for their recordings of multilayered overtone singing within the reverberant atmosphere of a water tower. Jim can be reached at See for more information.

November 19, 2010

Owen James - Introduction To Gongs

"We, The Conduit, a group of vibrational alchemists, are offering a 'sound bath and inward voyage'..."

Gongs are vibrational healing and meditation tools. Experience the powerful gongs demonstrated and demystified. These gongs send vibrations through your body massaging you at a cellular level. The sound of the gong itself creates the possibility for deep automatic meditation and relaxation. Singing gongs in this respect becomes very therapeutic, providing an environment for self-healing.

Before opening The Conduit Center in East Hartford Owen and friends traveled for two years in buses, box trucks, automobiles and on tours, powered by the positive energy of the 7000 people who sat in their “gong chair.” They attended events all over the country introducing the world to the magic of gongs; or Gonging The Planet as they call it. This evening you'll have the opportunity to feel the power of the gong for yourself.

Owen James operates The Conduit Center located at 1227 Burnside Avenue, #1 in East Hartford. The center offers a variety of practitioners, workshops and meditation concerts. A selection of Tibetan Bowls, Tingsha's and CD's are available for sale in their store. Owen is also active in the Alliance For Holistic Living. He can be reached (860) 888-4314 or The website is

October 15, 2010

Jon Roe - 2012: The End, The Beginning Or Much Ado About Nothing?

The spiritual community has been talking about 2012 for over ten years. The rest of the world was introduced to it last year when the disaster movie "2012" was released. A whole industry is building around the phenomena with most metaphysical authors finding some way to tie it to their work. Books, documentaries, podcasts and channeled predictions. Earth changes, solar flares, radiation belts, galactic alignments, evolution or ascension.

You won't get definitive answers tonight as Jon leads a group discussion on the phenomena, but you may find some ideas that you haven't heard before. Bring your favorite predictions and books. What have you heard? What predictions do you favor? What should we be doing to prepare for it? And what should we be telling friends and relatives as the date gets closer? This is intended to be a sharing of knowledge.

Jon Roe is the founding publisher of The Door Opener magazine, has been active in most of the holistic organizations in Connecticut and was one of the founders of The New Age Guild of Connecticut. He has been studying metaphysics for over 30 years and actively involved in the Connecticut spiritual and holistic community for nearly 25 years. He is currently publisher of the website. He can be reached (860) 875-4101,

May 21, 2010

Tina Angeli - Connect With Angels & Spirit Guides

Please join us for an evening of fun while learning relaxation and energy healing techniques through the art of meditation in preparation for a life that is in harmony with our free will. We will align mentally, emotionally and physically and connect with the highest spiritual realms (departed loved ones/angels/guides/God Essence) to guide us along our spiritual path. We will learn how to access and utilize the energy of the Aquarian age to create loving relationships, abundance and much more.

The messages emphasize the importance of retaining a sense of humor as we are reminded that what we wish to create is already ours by simply claiming it and trusting our intuition. It is God’s gift to each and every one of us. Tapping into inner wisdom is achieved by intention and creating altars as sacred spaces for rituals such as meditation and journal writing. Bring a pad, pen, water and dress comfortably.

Tina Angeli is a spiritual intuitive medium/channel healer and the director of the S.O.U.L. Center in Granby, CT. Tina was born in Italy and has been in communication with angels and guides since she was a child. She teaches classes in metaphysics and inner growth. Her angels’ unconditional love and supportive energy have guided and helped her through many incredible challenges. Tina facilitates a monthly supportive, life changing meditation/channel group. She can be reached at (860) 653-3612, (860) 558-9417 or See for more info.

April 16, 2010

Jocelyne Colombe - The Anatomy Of Fear

Is fear propelling you forward or turning you into a statue of salt unable to move? Fear can be our worst enemy or our friend. How can this be? Discover the many faces of fear including triggers to fear. Most importantly you will discover easy tools to quickly overcome fearful experiences.

Jocelyne Colombe has been involved in awakening individuals to their innate power for nearly 14 years. She is a natural healer and Nurse Practitioner. Her goal is to empower and inspire individuals on their life journey. Her work has been featured on radio, television shows & expos. She has also written articles published in holistic health magazines. She offers sessions in West Hartford and Mystic and over the phone. She can be reached at (860) 432-5574 and (860) 830-1115. See for more info.

March 19, 2010

Mylčne Poitras - Laugh The Stress Away

Laughter Yoga, beside being fun, has both mental and physical health benefits. It stimulates a mild to moderate cardiovascular workout; it produces endorphins which counteract the production of stress hormones; it appears to optimize the immune system; it reduces self-consciousness and boosts self-confidence; and it relaxes muscles and helps fight chronic pain associated with muscle tensions. A Laughter Yoga session includes breathing, stretching, laughtercises, meditation and relaxation. Laughter Yoga does not involve traditional humor or comedy. We laugh for no reason, just for pleasure, to have fun and feel invigorated!

Mylčne Poitras (Me) is a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader affiliated with the Laughter Yoga Institute of Laguna Beach and the Dr. Kataria School. She is also a Certified Laughter Leader with The World Laughter Tour. She uses Therapeutic Laughter in her practice of Expressive Arts, Expressive Puppetry and Massage Therapy in working for Masonicare Partners Home Health and Hospice and Pediatric Palliative Care. She has her own private practice at the Center for Progressive Therapies in Manchester, and at the Facilitated Healing Center/Cromwell Yoga Studio. She leads Laughter Yoga and Laughter Playshops in different locations in Connecticut as well as in several countries such as Venezuela and Canada. She brings us Laughter Yoga to release stress, have fun and feel la Joie de vivre. See for more info.

February 19, 2010

Lois Grasso - Breathing for Healing: Transformative Breath™ Session

You breathe all day long. Why not turn your breathing into the most powerful tool available for transformation and vibrant health? Transformative Breathing™ restores and develops your truly magnificent ability to feel and heal body, mind, and Spirit.

Andrew Weil, M.D. says, “Breath is the movement of Spirit in the body."

Breathing is our most critical and intimate connection with life itself. Yet nearly 80% of us use only 1/3 of our breathing potential. Imbalanced breathing is at the core of most health issues. Transformative Breathing™ balances the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. “I am no longer compulsive about food... for the first time in my life! That last session was... ‘watershed’! I really feel connected to the Source. There are no words for how connected I feel now. I absolutely recommend Transformative Breathwork to others, so they can have the opportunity to realize their true Being.” ~ Susan McBride

Don't miss this unusual opportunity to experience Transformative Breathing for yourself. Bring a blanket, pillow, water, and warm socks or slippers. Get ready for a powerful 40-minute breath session with great music, and save 40% off your initial private session if you want more.

Lois Grasso is the founder of The OxyGenesis Institute, a non-profit 501c3 dedicated to teaching and providing natural, safe, leading-edge approaches to vibrant health. She uses EFT, Breathwork, Psych-K in her private practice as a holistic therapist, coach and spiritual counselor. She also trains practitioners in Transformative Breathwork. See for more info.

January 15, 2010

Charlie Edgarton - Past Life Regression

Unresolved events or issues from your "past" may be hampering your present evolution. Through clear recollection and reenactment with the option of doing now what you couldn't do then, can come reconciliation and empowerment.

Charlie will present the basics of Past Life Regression, with illustrative examples and handouts, of what it can do and how it can do it. If any attendee has regressed before, and would be comfortable being regressed within a roughly 15 to 20 minute time frame, in front of the gathering, Charlie would be glad to entertain that possibility as part of the evening's presentation. At present he does not do group regressions. The process he uses includes 'bardo' work which is integral and includes the reconciliation, and cleansing part of the process. The process is a guided meditation, not hypnosis.

Charlie Edgarton is a Past Life Regression practitioner as well as a professional Astrologer. He began his study of Astrology under Isabelle Hickey in the early 70's. That was also the time he started working with past life regression. He may be reached by email at or by phone at (860) 573-0410.

November 20, 2009

Madeline Bombetto – Metta

Metta is the Pali word for friendship or lovingkindness. It is taught as a meditation that cultivates our natural capacity for an open and loving heart. With its roots in practices said to have been taught by the Buddha himself, metta is traditionally offered along with meditations that enrich compassion, joy in the happiness of others and equanimity. These practices lead to the development of concentration, fearlessness, happiness and a greater ability to love.

The practice begins with the meditator cultivating loving kindness towards themselves, then their loved ones, friends, teachers, strangers, enemies, and finally towards all sentient beings.

Tonight Madeline will teach us this meditation practice. You'll have a new tool for transforming your life.

Madeline Bombetto's West Hartford healing practice is Gabriel Associates. She has been a Hartford area healer and teacher for over 25 years. She offers hypnotherapy, Psych-k, spiritual counseling, energy work, rebirthing, journeying and is a medical intuitive. She can be reached at (860) 523-1234 or

September 18, 2009

Madeline Bombetto – Psych K

PSYCH-K stands for Psychological Kinesiology. It is a self-help tool developed by Robert M. Williams in 1988 with the goal of changing beliefs in the subconscious mind. Subconscious beliefs are often the “invisible” cause of self-sabotaging behaviors. The PSYCH-K program was designed to help people change the way they feel, behave and interact in life.

In PSYCH-K, kinesiology is used to communicate with the subconscious mind. Specific body postures and movements cause neuron firings in both hemispheres of the brain, creating a state in which change can more readily occur. Using this method, it is possible for subconscious beliefs to be recognized, and a debilitating belief could be replaced with one more desirable.

A unique aspect of PSYCH-K is that a “permission” step is included to ensure that the changes are in the best interest of the person at that time. Also, there are several verifying steps to catalogue the changes taking place. This is used to satisfy the skepticism of the conscious mind.

Madeline Bombetto's West Hartford healing practice is Gabriel Associates. She has been a Hartford area healer and teacher for over 25 years. In addition to Psych-k she offers hypnotherapy, spiritual counseling, energy work, rebirthing, journeying and is a medical intuitive. She can be reached at (860) 523-1234 or

May 15, 2009

Cathy Fischer – Channeling Creatious

Creatious is a voice of Being, interacting with participants in a question and answer format. Channelled by Cathy Fischer, Creatious offers a new perspective on many of our traditionally held views. Offering a message of "acceptance" Creatious stresses the importance of Perspective in our daily lives and interactions with others. This promises to be a thought-provoking evening so come prepared with your questions.

Cathy has been channeling Creatious for about 20 years. She participated in some of the Panel of Channels programs held by the original New Age Guild of Connecticut back in the nineties. Some of you may have seen her then.

Cathy and Creatious have regular classes and workshops at the Enlightened Professional Center in Bloomfield. Cathy can be reached at (860) 232-3331.

April 17, 2009

Deborah Ravenwood – Learning to Communicate with Your Animal Kin

In this enlightening talk, you will hear how to open the lines of communication with your animal companions and enrich your relationship with them. Animals are masters at intuitive communication—they hear and understand what we are saying to them. Together, we will explore the possibility of opening the door to a more satisfying relationship with our animal kin by listening and sharing our thoughts with them. Learn about a drug-free approach (using the Bach Flower Remedies) to help animals balance their emotional states and enhance their own lives and their relationship within their family. Join intuitive animal communicator, Deborah Ravenwood, for this heart-warming presentation.

"I developed the Paws and Listen Animal Wellness Program to reach out to animals with an open heart and mind, creating a bridge to facilitate sharing thoughts and emotions between our species. With patience and objectivity, I give animals the opportunity to be heard—a loving space to share their thoughts. In addition, to be available as a communicator, I offer support to individuals wishing to learn the art of conversing with their animal friends. In addition, as an Edward Bach Foundation registered practitioner, I offer the option of using a drug-free alternative, the Bach Flower Remedies, to support bringing emotional balance into your animal’s life during times of stress or change."

Deborah Ravenwood, along with her husband Kurt, created Ravenwood Holistic Wellness Center, a holistic healing center in Manchester, Connecticut. Deborah is an Energy Medicine Practitioner, Intuitive Channel/Communicator, Internationally Registered Bach Flower Practitioner and Bach International Education Program Trainer. In addition she has developed a program she calls Inner Visions© life coaching.

Deborah can be reached at (860)432-2081 or For more info about Deborah and her work please go to

January 16, 2009

Cathy Ewing-Rinker - Discover Your Soul Purpose/Reawaken Your Dreamer

What will you do with your one wild and precious life? Do you have a clear sense of purpose in your life? Is your life driven by intentionality, by deep meaning and an awareness of your personal destiny? Or are you one of the 80% of American adults who report that their lives are unfulfilled, unhappy and lacking in purpose and passion?

Join us for an evening of inquiry, presentation, meditation and exercises to help you gain clarity about the reason you are here on earth at this very important time in our evolution. We are all needed to shine our individual lights, to bring our unique gifts, talents and perspectives to the world at this time. Let 2009 be the year you discover your unique and special purpose.

Bring your open heart, your curiosity and your willingness to play and leave with a deeper understanding of who you are, why you are here and how to stay aligned with your passions and purpose.

Catherine Ewing-Rinker, is the founder and co-owner of Spirit Matters, a holistic healing center in Ellington, CT. She is a Certified Dream Coach, Certified Passion Test Facilitator, psychotherapist, Ordained Minister of Spiritual Peacemaking and Reiki Master Teacher.

She assists individuals and groups identify their purpose and passions, recognize and release limiting beliefs and behaviors and create a vision of the life they want. She supports them in moving out of their story and into their vision. In short, she coaches people to become “the greatest version of the grandest vision” that they can imagine for themselves. Cathy’s guiding principle is always the greatest and highest good of her client.

Cathy can be reached at (860) 871-9295 or For more info about Cathy and her work please go to and